Spiritual Embodiment

celeste-looking-1000Celeste offers her own unique approach to Spiritual Direction. She calls this process Spiritual Embodiment. With breath, touch, prayer and song she holds a space of awareness, presence and inspiration that invites participants to experience a profound integration of body, mind, spirit and emotion.

* How and where do you experience the movement of spirit?
* Out there somewhere or in every cell of your body.
* Where does your body stop and the rest of the universe begin?
* Do you feel the seamless flow of energy through the web of life?

We are sacred and embody the Divine.

In a session we may open ourselves with deep listening, sacred conversation, inquiry, prayer, meditation, movement, song, chant, mantra, anoint, breath and healing touch.

Where do we stop and Spirit begins? Being in this question creates space for awareness and embodiment. This is inspiration, epiphany and healing.

“If the Healing Art is most Divine,
it must occupy itself with the Soul as well as with the Body”.
~ Apollonius of Tyana, First century A.D.