Welcome to the Healing Work of Celeste Yacoboni

Immerse in the silence beneath all form. Experience the energy and love of the prayerfield and create a new language to describe it. Clear yourself with forgiveness and fill yourself with gratitude. Learn how to cultivate the inner terrain and hear the call of Spirit. Become aware of the sacred in the ordinary activities of daily life and overflow with gratitude. Embody the sacred and become Walking Prayer. — Celeste Yacoboni

Celeste shares her wisdom

Celeste Yacoboni is an Interspiritual Minister of Walking Prayer, ordained by the Center for Sacred Studies. She is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she facilitates healing and transformation through her unique approach to Spiritual Coaching, Prayershops, and her mastery of a number of the Healing Arts. She is a nationally certified, New Mexico licensed Massage Therapist since 1994. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and includes multiple modalities. Celeste also officiates Ceremonies and Rites of Passage.

Celeste offers a safe and sacred space to facilitate transformation. She calls this the “Cauldron of Transformation.” So often we long for a spiritual connection, but the more we reach the further away it gets. It is truly as close as our breath and as we bring our awareness to our breath, the bridge between heaven and Earth, we are home.

Cultivating our inner terrain isn’t as much about the length of time as the depth of presence. Now we pray in every cell of our bodies. We cultivate our inner terrain as our sacred temple.

With breath, postures, movement, meditation, prayer, song, and silence, we embody the sacred that we have longed for. In our heightened awareness, we come to recognize the lifelong strategies we have developed for handling the challenges of everyday living, both physical and spiritual. Healing is the result of this growth in awareness.

Explore Celeste’s hands-on personal work including Spiritual Embodiment and Attunement through Touch.


Celeste Yacoboni is the curator of the world’s greatest spiritual practices and prayers, all put together in one beautiful, holy book and place, where anybody who believes in anything or nothing can reconnect to themselves, to God, and to why they are really here.
~ Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder of Dream University