Hands-on Sessions

Through breath and focus, Celeste shares her energy with clients, supporting their renewal and growth. Her approach is not to “fix” but rather support you, as a witness in your expanding awareness. This process opens and accelerates self-acceptance, release and transformation. With heightened awareness, we come to recognize the lifelong strategies we have developed for handling the challenges of every day living, both physical and spiritual. Healing is the result of this growth in awareness.slider-background-hands

Celeste offers both Spiritual Embodiment and Body Attunement through Touch services. Contact her directly to make an in-person appointment.

Spiritual Embodiment
Celeste offers her own unique approach to Spiritual Direction. She calls this process Spiritual Embodiment. With breath, touch, prayer and song she holds a space of awareness, presence and inspiration that invites participants to experience a profound integration of body, mind, spirit and emotion. Read more.

Taoist Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang)
Of Taoist Chinese origin, Chi Nei Tsang means “working with the energy of the internal organs.” It uses all the principles of Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi-Chuan known as Chi-Kung. Chi Nei Tsang is a form of “applied Chi Kung” and Celeste practices internal breathing and energy cultivation and circulation during your session. Chi Nei Tsang is done mainly on the abdomen with deep, gentle, soft touch which supports the organ systems in working more efficiently. Read more.

Women’s Breast Health Awareness
Breast Massage gives attention to an important part of the body that is often ignored. Breast health is whole body health. Breast Massage relieves painful breasts during monthly cycles, pregnancy, lactation and before and after surgery. It helps with edema, scar tissue and restricted range of motion of the shoulder joint. Read more.

If the Healing Art is most Divine, it must occupy itself with the Soul as well as with the Body.
~ Apollonius of Tyana, First century A.D.