A Vision

visionCeleste awoke before dawn one auspicious morning with a unifying vision which illuminated the darkness. She heard with her heart the collective voice of the world soul ask “How do you pray?” As the inquiry presented itself her mind let go and her heart felt and knew the essence and oneness of all people, spiritual practices and religious traditions – the essential expression of the spiritual, shamanic, scientific and atheist alike. She realized the love and appreciated the unity and diversity. Like flowers of different colors, shapes and fragrances, all are plants just the same.

She felt the spirit that unites us to be larger than any illusion of separation and the oneness of all life. The Source of this life is One and the same essence called God or any other name or point of reference.

Our oneness is our greatness and the power, energy and information of this web of life and is truly the ground of being. Celeste felt the blessing of each breath and each breath became a prayer.

The words revealed themselves…

How do you pray?
What is your souls expression?
How do you dance in ecstasy?
Bare your soul to the divine?
Bow in gratitude?
Merge with nature?
Cry out for guidance?

Aware of the human suffering due to the illusion of separation and the loss of connection to the source of life, Celeste realized the celebration in remembrance. She clearly saw the project as four books and a film.

How Do You Pray? is alive and ever changing. As we evolve, so do our prayers. It is the evolution of illumination, the collective voice of the soul of the world.


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