Prayershops and Coaching

Prayershops with Celeste Yacoboni: How Do You Pray? Exploring the Prayerfield


You work at a workshop; we pray at a Prayershop!

Prayer is a bridge between heaven and earth, the form and the formless, the spiritual and the physical. As we pray, our prayers and awareness, whether thoughts, words or actions, connect with all prayers in the prayerfield, offering an energetic flow of love for each other, the earth and the Divine. It is an energetic template that manifests in the physical. Our prayers do touch the Earth.

The ancients knew it as the web of life, and the new scientists refer to it as the quantum field. Some have called it the Mind of God. Whatever we call it, the universe is talking to us and responds when we listen or react to impressions.

Celeste offers a variety of Prayershops to help us rediscover the balance and joy we all seek.

How Do You Pray? Prayershop

During this Prayershop, Celeste shares her original vision and its gestation that birthed her book, How Do You Pray? Participants explore prayer technologies from different traditions, including:

• Visio Divina in the Christian tradition
• A walking meditation in the Buddhist tradition
• Hindu chanting
• Sufi sacred sounds

We will have silence in between and come together to share and reflect after the meditations.

Posture of Prayer

Prayer is a bridge between heaven and earth, form and formless, the spiritual dimension and the physical. In this Prayershop we explore how to fully embody prayer; from bringing the palms of our hands together as is done all over the world, to full body postures. Movement and meditation bring us to the holy spaces to experience the fullness of the Posture of Prayer.

The Art of Blessing

The practice of blessing opens us to wholeness, healing and forgiveness. Blessing is a soul-to-soul showering of love and benevolence without limits. In this Prayershop, we explore the history of blessing and how it manifested in different traditions. We practice the Art of Blessing, and create a blessing as a group.


In this prayershop we will discover the beautiful and powerful Hawaiian healing process of Ho’oponopono “to make things right.” By clearing ourselves with forgiveness, gratitude and love we clear energy that has been held in patterns of fear, negativity and trauma, perhaps for generations.

We will explore the principles of Humility: I’m sorry; Resolution: Please forgive me; Gratitude: I thank you; and Love: I love you.

Celeste likes to sing Ho’oponopono. “It is the language of the heart. While chanting Ho’oponopono I am being breathed by the breath of Spirit and sung by the song of life. I invite you to join me.”

Becoming the Lotus

Every precious moment is an opportunity to awaken. Like the Lotus, we blossom to the sun while our roots are in the mud. As we progressively realize our original nature of formless spirit, our hearts open and our words and actions emanate the sweet fragrance of compassion and love.

Becoming the Lotus celebrates this alchemy. We will explore the world history of this sacred plant; read about it in sacred texts; be anointed with rare Blue Lotus oil; sip Pink, White and Blue Lotus hydrosols; and chant the ancient mandras invoking the divine essence of the Lotus. We will move in Lotus forms and meditations as we become the Lotus.

Contact Celeste to discuss where to join her upcoming Prayershops or to arrange one especially for your group.


Individual sessions

As we become aware of the wisdom of our bodies, we come to realize that our bodies don’t stop at our skin, and we realize the vastness that we are.

We may start a session identifying a limiting belief that keeps us small. We witness and bless with compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and love, all that comes forward.

Through guided meditation we will explore the Prayerfield, the energetic flow of love (energy) for ourselves, each other, the Earth and the Divine.

With breath, movement, chant and postures of prayer, we will become aware of our interconnectedness with the Web of Life.

In individual sessions, you will:

• Expand your awareness of what we think of as “the other.”
• Experience a deeper connection to the Earth.
• Become aware of your relationship with the Divine.

Celeste offers a variety of individualized one-hour sessions in person at her Santa Fe office, or by phone or Skype. Sessions are $100 for an hour, or $50 for half-hour sessions. Please note that some sessions can only be done in person, either in Celeste’s office or by special arrangement.

Please contact her directly to make an appointment.

Spiritual Embodiment

Celeste offers her own unique approach to Spiritual Direction. She calls this process Spiritual Embodiment. With breath, touch, prayer, and song she holds a space of awareness, presence and inspiration that invites participants to experience a profound integration of body, mind, spirit and emotion. Read more.

Please contact her directly to make an appointment.