Prayershops and Coaching

Prayershop: How Do You Pray? Exploring the Prayerfield


You work at a workshop; try praying at a prayershop!

Prayer is a bridge between heaven and earth, form and formless, the spiritual dimension and the physical. In this prayershop we explore how we embody prayer. From bringing the palms of our hands together, as is done all over the world, to full body postures.

As we pray, our prayers and awareness, whether thoughts, words or actions, connect with all prayers in the prayerfield, an energetic flow of love for each other, the earth and the Divine. It is an energetic template that manifests in the physical. Our prayers do touch the Earth.

The ancients knew it as the web of life and the new science calls it the quantum field. Some have called it the mind of God. The universe is talking to us and responds when we talk back.

In this prayershop join Celeste Yacoboni, creator of How Do You Pray? as we explore prayer methodologies from different traditions, including:
• Visio Divina in the Christian tradition
• A walking meditation in the Buddhist tradition
• Hindu chanting
• Sufi sacred sounds

Immerse in the silence beneath all form. Experience the energy and love of the prayerfield and create a new language to describe it. Clear yourself with forgiveness and fill yourself with gratitude. Learn how to cultivate the inner terrain and hear the call of Spirit. Become aware of the sacred in the ordinary activities of daily life and overflow with gratitude. Embody the sacred and become Walking Prayer.

Contact Celeste directly to discuss where to join her upcoming prayershops or arrange one especially for your group.


Individual sessions

As we become aware of the wisdom of our bodies we come to realize that our bodies don’t stop at our skin. We come to realize the vastness that we are.

We may start a session identifying a limiting belief that keeps us small. We witness and bless with compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and love.

Through guided meditation we will explore the Prayerfield, the energetic flow of love (energy) for ourselves, each other, the Earth and the Divine.

With breath, movement, chant and postures of prayer we will become aware of our interconnectedness with the Web of Life.

• Expand your awareness of what we think of as “the other”.
• Experience a deeper connection to the Earth.
• Become aware of your relationship with the Divine.

Now we pray in every cell of our bodies. We cultivate our inner terrain as our sacred temple.

Celeste offers individualized, transformative spiritual coaching sessions in person at her Santa Fe office, or by phone or Skype, for a fee of $100 for one hour and $50 for a half hour.