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Born from a vision in which she was told to ask the world, “How Do You Pray?”, Celeste Yacoboni reached out to leading spiritual, shamanic, scientific teachers, guides, and activists and asked for their response. The result is a deeply moving book that speaks to the reader’s heart and asks “What is your soul’s expression? Bow in gratitude? Merge with nature? Cry out for guidance?”

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Tell Us How You Pray

Yes, we really want to hear from you. Let us know how you pray. Tell us about your sacred moments. Who knows? Maybe your story will make it into our next book!

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A Unifying Vision

Celeste awoke before dawn one auspicious morning with a unifying vision which illuminated the darkness. She heard the collective voice of the world soul ask “How do you pray?”…

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Celeste's Bio

Celeste Yacoboni is passionate about helping people discover a deeper experience of the sacred in their daily lives. Ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer by the Center for Sacred Studies…

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Ho'oponopono Chant

By clearing ourselves with love, forgiveness and gratitude we clear the experiences of the past, present and future. The words with intention are vibrations that break up old patterns of fear…

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How Do You Pray?

Is it an hour a week at a designated place of worship or do you take your prayers out to the streets? Do you pray alone or in a group? Do you call it prayer or something else? Is prayer a monologue or a conversation? Do you pray like your parents, culture or tribe or did you develop another way?


Do you pray to “God” or do you have another special name? Instead of “What do you do?” or “How do you earn a living?”, let’s ask “How do you pray?”

What is your souls expression? How do you dance in ecstasy? Bare your soul to the Divine? Bow in gratitude? Merge with Nature? Cry out for guidance?

We are one people with one God with so many beautiful names.


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This groundbreaking and moving book gathers responses from leaders of diverse spiritual and religious traditions ranging from Buddhism to Islam to Christianity, as well as those who do not claim one or any particular walk of faith. Contributors include Brother David Steindl-Rast, Matthew Fox, James O’Dea, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Tessa Bielecki, Lama Surya Das, Hank Wesselman, Father Bede Griffiths, Byron Katie, Joan Halifax, Normandi Ellis, Andrew Harvey, Dan Millman, Kristena Prater, Nicki Scully, Mirabai Starr, and more…

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Celeste and contributors read from and talk about the book in several delightful videos

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