Breast Massage

breast healthBreast Massage gives attention to an important part of the body that is often ignored. Breast health is whole body health. Breast Massage relieves painful breasts during monthly cycles, pregnancy, lactation and before and after surgery. It helps with edema, scar tissue and restricted range of motion of the shoulder joint.

The breasts have lots of lymph nodes around them, under the sternum and in the arm pit area. Lymph is a clear fluid that travels through lymph vessels carrying immune system cells and tissue waste products. It is moved through the body by muscle contractions reaching the blood stream for elimination. The breasts are made of tissue with no muscle mass to pump this fluid. The breasts need to move every day and this is often not the case and further complicated with women wearing tight bras and under wires that may constrict energy flow.

The liver plays and important role in breast health, circulating energy, detoxifying chemicals and managing hormones, mainly estrogen. Liver stagnation and impaired detoxification pathways may result in swelling or cysts.

Breast Massage helps to balance external factors that affect the breasts such as environment as well as the internal process of emotions. Breast Massage is done with awareness in a safe, sacred space. It allows monitoring of breast tissue changes and increases self-awareness with participation in health and wellness.

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