Prayer to Water

Dearest Water,

That runs through our veins, that composes about 70 percent of our bodies and 70 percent of our planet, you are precious and we love you.

Here we stand in our unknowing and we thank you for giving us life. We lived in your embryonic fluid for 9 months before we breathed air. You are our mother.
You grow our food.

We are so sorry for knowingly and unknowingly mistreating you and disrespecting you. We are so sorry, please forgive us.

We love you and thank you and pray for your healing and regeneration. We are one and our healing is together.

The clouds are pregnant with your potential. The rivers, streams, lakes and oceans are your form. You worship the moon with your ebb and tide.

I taste your wetness in my mouth and your tear on my cheek.

I love your perfume that comes with the rain.

Dearest Water, we bless you.

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