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rest in peace Sobonfu Some, you live forever in our hearts~ I pray in many different ways. The clarity of my intention is the beginning of my prayer. In my tradition, every breath I draw is a prayer. Every time I inhale and exhale, it is a prayer. And so, how conscious are you when you are breathing in and out? How conscious are you when you are walking? How conscious are you when you are singing? How conscious are you when you are angry? I pray in the way I show gratitude, love or compassion. I pray alone and in community. I pray with my thoughts. I pray with my body. I pray in the way I speak to people. I pray to the various elements of nature— the trees, the animals, the water, the rocks, the earth, the fire.... I pray to my Ancestors and all the Divinities. I pray simply, with passion, humility, clarity and grace. I pray in the way I welcome and bless people. I pray with whatever emotions come my way. I pray with sincerity and with strong belief that what I’m praying for is going to manifest. In my tradition, whatever you say is a prayer that you send out, Because sound is a powerful force that brings the hidden to light. And when you pray something is going to say Yes. So each moment in my life is a prayer. Each moment I reflect on myself, on the world and other people is a prayer. How I interact with people and how I deal with my thoughts is a prayer. How genuine am I?—is a way for me to pray. For me, all these things are sacred and are messengers, and can take my heart cries, which are my prayers to the Divinities. This is the power of how I pray. - Sobonfu Some, How Do You Pray?

Humanity is in great transition. We have an opportunity to see all the extreme diversity as expressions of our oneness. With compassion and empathy we can see that our lives are intertwined, that everybody counts, everybody matters. Here's my blog featuring Robert Peng sharing how to experience all people as the living Buddha.

My love of fragrance and soul sister Christa Obuchowski.

Prayer from Chris Deckker Prayer is how I communicate with the divine. It is how I can use the power of affirmation and intention in a focused way to recognize sacred space, invoke that sacred space, and then use the power of words and intention. The idea is to take this affirmation into all daily aspects of my life, so that all activity throughout my life and my moments throughout the day have prayerful reflection. I think, in essence, that prayer itself—or the technology of prayer, if you like—is a tool. The power of prayer can be used to harness the energy of the sacred and divine and create change and inspiration in your life. Within prayer, there is an aura of gratitude, wonder and thanks for the divine and for everybody in your life, and for all of the different realms that interact and intersect to create who you are on the planet. Prayer doesn’t necessarily have to have words or affirmations or intentions attached to it. It is the act of surrendering. When you are dancing and you’re in the ecstatic space of surrender, you can harness the prayerful energy—the life force, if you like—and combine it on a collective level. Through Earth Dance, in the moment of that kinetic movement of dance and energy, the joyful expression of coming together, dancing and celebrating, we can create a moment of stillness, which we call the prayer for peace, affirming our intention for peace on the planet. If you look at ancient times, community rituals and celebrations quite commonly had both dance and music components. People got together, danced and celebrated the ecstatic light. Whether the gathering was in honor of a seasonal change or the harvest, prayer had a musical component that was intrinsically linked to the ecstatic ritual or rite of passage being held in the ceremonial space. If you look at our Christian culture today, music plays an important part in the church atmosphere through celebratory, ecstatic hymns and songs of praise. That’s what inspired me when I was a child: hearing the voices and harmonies connecting in the church atmosphere. It gave me a deep sense of euphoria and a deep sense of, “Wow, this is my community.” Song, dance and intention are a potent combination. With Earth Dance, we’re realizing the power of music and dance, and it doesn’t really matter what tradition or culture you come from—the intention and the resonance are the same across the entire world. Chris Deckker in How Do You Pray?

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